Wendy (jadedusoliel) wrote in phxmetroparents,

Consult your doctor

"Do you have unusual swelling and stiffness? Do you feel moody, anxious, and fatigued? Do you have frequent urination? If so consult your doctor today because you may have pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a serious medical condition so talk to your doctor today about getting a blood test."

So often have TV going on in the backround while I play World of Warcraft and I end up chuckling during most of the medication comcerials. They list of these symptoms and then tell you what you may have and I end up thinking "or you're pregnant". It's also amazing how they exagerate what at time are very normal things, or at least not nearly as serious as they make them out to be. If I listened to those comercials I'd be running to the doctor constantly just to be told I'm fine (I have a good doctor who doesn't just throw meds at me).
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