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Phoenix Metro Parenting Group

A Place for parents in the Phoenix-Metro area to talk, meetup, etc.

Parents in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area
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This community is designed so parents in the Phoenix-Metropolitan area can interact, discuss, and meet some other Phoenix-Metro parents.

There are no real rules, just common courtesy. Introduce yourself after you join, so we know who you are, how old your children are, and other basics like that. If you would like a standard form, you can copy the info below. Don't attack others for their beliefs. If you have an opinion that differs from someone else's, offer it kindly and be prepared that your opinion might be politely declined. If you post more than one picture, or if it's a big picture, please put it behind an LJ cut. If you don't know how to do that, go here.

Children's names and ages:
Something interesting about the way you are raising your child/ren:
Favorite/Invaluable Item you have that has aided in your parenting: