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question from the newbie...

hi, i've just joined and am hoping someone can help me out. my son is two and too old for the playgroup i regularly take him to. he is small for his age so i have been continuing to take him anyway.

it's held at one of the libraries and has a wonderful program. parachute play, stories, bubbles, music, playtime you name it.

at this same library they have a group for his age range, but the kids sit and listen to a lady read a story and then play. not as stimulating or fun.

does anyone know of a place i can take him where he fits into the age range, again he's two, and still has as much fun as the little guys?

i don't feel comfortable giving any information as to where i live, if you can give me specific locations we can figure out if it will work for us. we already travel a little ways to get him to this one so distance isn't much of a factor.

free or cheap is a plus.

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