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Silent Auction for Phoenix First Assembly Fine Arts Competition

Entrance is FREE, meal available, auction is per bids
Silent Auction
Sunday, July 17, at 12:30

to raise funds to support Student Impact National Fine Arts competitors to compete in Denver, CO

You get smoking deals and the youth get to compete at National Fine Arts Competition!

Door prizes and handouts throughout the event!

This Sunday afternoon, July 17, 2005 at 12:30
Phoenix First Assembly Gym, 13613 N. Cave Creek Road

(Take the 51 to Cactus exit, go west to Cave Creek, north (right) past Sweetwater, then watch for the church entrance on your right. Gym is down the steps south of the main parking lot.)

Chef's Special Southwest Cilantro Salad OR Gourmet Chicken Quesadilla w/ Rice & Beans at $6 each
Hot Dog & Chips kids meal is available for $3.00

Opportunity to bid on all the items donated for the kids' benefit:
  • gift certificates to stores and restaurants all over town

  • passes to activities like Rock Cimbing, LaserQuest, Bowling, Golf, etc.

  • services like perm, cuts, color treatments for hair, lube job for automotive, etc.

  • night and weekend passes to local resorts

  • items ranging from Chevy Grill ornaments to a Stove from a new home

  • other collectibles and items beyond imagination or expectation

All good deals, because they generally auction for much less than their actual value!
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