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call for assitance

Hello to all - my name is Lauri and I'm a 34 year old newly divorced mother of a 10 year old boy. I live in Gilbert and work in Tempe. I just moved back to AZ in mid-October because my family is here and they've been a great source of support. As wonderful as that is, I am sorely in need of some girlfriends! What's a grown woman to do to meet new friends? (see my latest journal entry lamenting this issue)

Does anybody here know of a women's potluck group or something similar that allows women and their children to get together and mingle? I'm anticipating that this will be especially tough for me because most "mommy" groups seem to be for new or expecting mothers. I'm also hoping to meet people with similar religious, political, and social viewpoints, which I'm finding really tough here in the valley. Please see my interests in my profile and feel free to contact me if you think we might "click". Also please direct me to any other communities that you have found that might be more helpful in this endeavor.

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