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Name: Michelle
Age: 29
Location: Phoenix
Interests: being a mom, my kid, breastfeeding, etc. Besides parenting I love music, movies, hanging out with my husband, etc.
Children's names and ages:Zander - 6.5 months now (9/15/04)
Something interesting about the way you are raising your child/ren: We follow attachment parenting. Breastfeeding is a huge deal to me, I love it. I work full time out(I have to) so I pump breastmilk for my son and he stays with family while I'm working.
Favorite/Invaluable Item you have that has aided in your parenting: We're really happy with AP, it works great for us. I get tired of my friends giving us crap about it though, I wish I had friends that parented the same way.

Other stuff: My husband and I have been happily married for 8 years and I work as a secretary for the fire department, it's a pretty good job.

Here's Zander:

Nice to be here. :-)
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He is SO precious!!

My husband and I are trying/doing the attachment parenting thing too, though we don't cosleep right now. I may change that eventually. :) Liliana is our first, so it's uncharted territory for us.

Welcome to the group!
Thank you so much!

Yeah, we didn't plan on cosleeping. We have a beautiful crib! But at around 2 weeks I was just exhausted from sitting up around the clock nursing. My mom suggested laying down to nurse and we've been doing it ever since.

My hubby and I now love cosleeping. I love waking up next to kiddo every morning. And I love I don't have to get out of bed to a screaming child since I usually wake just as he wakes.

He is a doll!!
Thank you!